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What's this?

Authflow is an easy way to add a login system to your website.

With Authflow, you can quickly and easily implement a simple login system that allows users to log in with their Google account.

This can help you boost your login implemention speed and make it very easy to get your "Login with Google" button working.

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How can I contribute?

You can contribute to Authflow on it's Github.

What are you working on?

I'm currently working in adding AI features to Authflow, multiple integrations (e.g. "Login with Microsoft" and more) and support.

Where can I give feedback?

To give feedback, click here or select Feedback at the top of the docs page.

Is there any demo?

Here's a simple Authflow button API demo:

Or using Authflow Instant:

How do I ensure that the JWT token is valid?

The best way is to use our official NPM package.

Easy to use

We make it as easy as possible to implement our login system.


We use JWT tokens that, when correctly verified, are impossible to fake.

Made for all

Compatible with any framework that supports links and URL parameters.

Comprehensive set of features

All the features you need

Easy-to-understand docs

Documentation that you can understand


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